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Amachi Celebrates Outstanding Mentors

It takes a special person to be a mentor, someone who is willing to share their life with a young person and commit to becoming a positive role model for that person. We celebrated our mentors during National Mentoring Month at the 7th Annual Mentor Appreciation Luncheon. The luncheon, held at The Foundry, is always a sweet time for mentees and their caregivers to show their appreciation and spend time together.

Each year, we have several mentors who go above and beyond to make sure their mentee knows they matter to someone. During the awards ceremony, we honored these outstanding mentors:

"Mentoring has impacted my life and placed me in a position where I can use wisdom, skills, and knowledge to help a child make good decisions and choose paths that are pleasing to God" mentioned Donna Hardy, Amachi Mentor.

January continued to be eventful with a record-breaking match month. Amachi matched 9 children with caring mentors who have committed to walk alongside them this year. Currently, we have 121 active matches in the program including 16 matches with husband/wife mentor teams. Of those matches:

Currently, we have 12 boys and 12 girls who are waiting for someone to "live life" with them. If you would like more information about becoming an Amachi mentor contact Danita McCartney at (865) 524-2774 or visit us online at