Connecting those in need with the resources they need to thrive.
When those with the resources to help, mentor, or contribute time connect with those who are need of this relationship, both are made stronger in the interaction and our city as a whole benefits.

Promoting collaboration among groups to yield the greatest results.
KLF serves as a hub, synergistically promoting partnerships, collaboration and cooperation so that the largest number of people possible are involved in service and being served.

Creating programs where needs are not yet being met.
Sometimes one must see needs with the heart, and build the appropriate bridges to help. Often, our best initiatives have started that way.

Assisting groups in increasing their ability to serve.
When new ministries, services or programs get their start, sometimes they need help. KLF serves as an incubator to insure they get the strong foundation they need to grow and serve.

KLF's 2017 IMPACT:

2017 Year in Review
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